You’re wondering if my free tips and advice are more valuable than those on other self-improvement blogs, right? Look no further!

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Penned by a young Nigerian lady trying to live life being true to her core values, this blog promises you articles, short stories, and random musings..

The blog posts are ideal for the following types of people, but passers-by can turn into loyal fans of the scintillating posts:

  • The young lady surrounded by people, talks to them, is in a relationship but just doesn’t know how to overcome the challenges in her day-to-day social interactions.
  • Or the married man who loves his wife dearly, but can’t understand why she can’t love him back.
  • For the mentally challenged patient, or caretaker of the mentally challenged patient who cannot afford expensive therapy sessions and is uncomfortable discussing his personal problems with an actual human being.
  • For the old woman looking back on her life with regrets. And wishes to live a legacy for the next gene
  • The young person fresh out of school who wishes to live a life of mental/ emotional wellbeing.
  • The parent who is fed up of the tired advice on how to bring up her kids. And craves insight from a different perspective.


Here’s what to do next…

Read each blog post you see here, taking careful notes. Leave your comments and questions in the comments section (anonymously, if it’s of a highly sensitive nature) and follow this blog for the latest posts.

Remember to hit the like and social media sharing buttons if the posts were entertaining and helpful.

And yes, you can bookmark the posts for future reading!




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