Image of Hailey Brown's Family Drama: the synopsis.

Hello, everyone! This is the synopsis to a family drama about a dysfunctional family.

Not just any type of drama, as it will be based on my understanding of family systems theory.

I’m writing it as a people skills blog isn’t only about friendships, relationships, and acquaintances.

These are the key players in the family drama:

  • Protagonist: the hero in the drama.

  • Antagonist: the person against the hero.

  • Contagonist: Ostensibly on the hero’s side but wants different things for the hero (things the hero doesn’t agree with) This makes the Protagonist and Contagonist fight a lot.

  • Reason: the sane member of the family drama.

  • Emotion: allows emotions get her better part.

  • Skeptic: doubts the motives and efficacy of other characters’ moves.

  • Love interest: The romantic partner of one of the key players (watch this space!)

  • Bystander: neither helps nor makes things harder for any character than it already is.

The family drama is based on a matriarchal family.  And it explores the concept of generational curses, based on a psychological perspective.

From the synopsis, it will be easy for you to deduce who’s playing which role.

Log Line:

A dysfunctional matriarchal family teeters on the edge of sanity until they encounter a family therapist.


DEBORAH NWUBA is a 28-year old Nigerian female who aspired to be a doctor until she was diagnosed with Borderline personality disorder.

Her mother, FRANCES NWUBA is a widow who is at her wit’s end as to why her relationship with her daughter deteriorates by the day.

CHIAZOR EKWUOGWU is Deborah’s aunt by three years and her worst nightmare as she makes life unbearable for Deborah.

EFULU WIGWE is Frances Nwuba’s first cousin, a successful movie director and a stabilizing force in the Nwuba family.

OZIOMA ONUKWU-PRATT is Deborah’s maternal aunt, twice divorced and currently battling with raising her daughter diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder.

OLAEDO RAHMAN is Frances’ younger sister by 10 years, who constantly fears for the wellbeing of her sisters, husband, and niblings.

DEJI NINALOWO is a male model and Chiazor’s romantic obsession.

DIEDRE NWUBA is Deborah’s younger sister by 3 years who regards the family’s hysterics with profound indifference.

These females bicker and fight over trivialities until Deborah’s social worker requests to meet the Nwuba family during a joint family therapy session.


DEBORAH NWUBA is a 28-year old Nigeria lady living with Borderline personality disorder. She works as a receptionist in a firm but is often resentful at why fate dealt her a crushing blow via her health condition. This makes her emotionally reactive.

FRANCES NWUBA is Deborah’s widowed mother who wants the best for her daughter. Unfortunately, she is not well-attuned to her daughter’s wishes and outlook on life as she believes she, the sane mother is in the best position to tell Deborah how to live her life. This leads to frequent fights at home.

CHIAZOR OKWUOGWU is Deborah’s aunt by 3 years who bears her niece a deep grudge. She is bitter at the fact that she had to enroll for catering school while Deborah went on to College. Her resentment leads to frequent sarcastic outbursts and scheming to make Deborah’s life miserable.

EFULU WIGWE is a successful movie director in Nollywood. She has a stable home life because of her level-headedness and social exposure. Efulu sometimes intervenes in quarrels between Deborah and Frances and tries to act the role of a mediator.

OZIOMA ONUKWU-PRATT is Deborah’s twice-divorced aunt. She lives in New Zealand and has had run-ins with law enforcement agencies there due to her emotional reactivity. She currently battles with raising her daughter diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder and the ordeal makes her overly religious.

OLAEDO RAHMAN is Frances’ younger sister by 10 years who is married to a submissive man. She looks for every opportunity to run the matriarchal kingdom as Olaedo doubts the judgment of the members. Her bossy attempts are often resisted by her niblings but submitted to by the older sisters, who feel powerless against her financial and social influence.

DEJI NINALOWO is Chiazor’s romantic obsession and a male model. He enjoys practicing his psychopathic tendencies on Chiazor, who takes out her emotional tension on Deborah. His relationship with Chiazor is an emotionally intense one, with lots of tears and make-up sex.

DIEDRE NWUBA is Deborah’s younger sister by 3 years. She acts ostensibly unruffled by the family drama as she plots her escape to Dubai to start a new life as a goldsmith. Deborah turns to her for help in the family but she skillfully dodges rocking the boat or saying anything that anyone would find provocative.

One day, Deborah calls her aunt Efulu in tears over her mother’s latest atrocity. Efulu suggests that she go with both of them to see Deborah’s case worker in the mental health institute.

Much to their surprise, the case worker, HAILEY BROWN, listens to all sides of the story and asks all members of the matriarchal kingdom to come for a role-play session.

This leads to bickering at home, with Frances calling her daughter an ingrate who just wishes to air the family’s dirty laundry. Ozioma is initially reluctant to join the family’s role-play session as she lives in New Zealand and has insecurities of her own.

Olaedo tries to bribe the case worker to drop the role-play session as she is the managing director of OLARAM choppers and can’t be seen in a mental health institute. This makes the social worker very angry and she threatens to report Olaedo to her superiors in the institute as clearly, Olaedo is a leading contributor in the family’s disorder.

Chiazor couldn’t care less about the role-play session as she never liked Deborah to begin with. It was until Efulu pointed out that one of their cousins was diagnosed with ALZHEIMER’S, a neurodegenerative disease that Chiazor saw reason and agreed to attend the role-play session.

Synopsis of Hailey Brown's Family Drama
Deborah Nwuba and her mother, Frances Nwuba in a happy moment when they both learn to be emotionally attuned to each other.

Diedre agrees to go along with the role-play session as she perceives she has nothing to lose.

The whole family decides unanimously to show up for the role-play session, aunt Ozioma by Skype, in Hailey Brown’s office. Once there, the case worker interviews each member separately and in a group until she gets a round figure of the family’s disorder.

She concludes that the system responsible for the family disorder has been in place even before each member was born, and they were all playing the roles assigned to them by the system.

Hailey coaches the family on the BOWEN’S FAMILY SYSTEMS THEORY and helps them become differentiated individuals who are emotionally responsive, not emotionally reactive. She also helps each member to tolerate differences in one another, especially those with a diagnosis. The case worker points out to them that those with the diagnosis are human beings with needs and core values, and the undiagnosed members should strive to see them as such, not as walking textbooks of mental disorders.

Actual Ending:

The matriarchal family lets go of their unresolved resentment towards one another and relate cordially during Chiazor’s wedding.


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All characters in this story exist solely in the imagination of the writer. Any resemblance to actual persons, whether living or dead is purely coincidental and most surely mistaken.


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