My Diary-Day Five.

Sunday morning is here!  I woke up very early to bathe and get dressed for church.  I’m not a fanatic, but I do take my church services very seriously. After I came out of the shower, I shook my husband awake .

“Morning, sleepyhead!” I smiled at him. He groaned in reply.

“Hello, Honey.  What time is it?”

“Six a.m., time for you to get up!”

“Thanks for waking me up.” He yawned and stretched lazily before he got out of bed and went to the bathroom. He hummed a song to himself as he showered and dressed up.  Today, he wore his tuxedo.

“Man, you sure look good!” I complimented him.

Hubby et Moi walking together after church. Gotta get moments for my diary!

“Thanks, wifey!” he took a bow in response.  I could see that my compliment had pleased him.  Compliments are very important and a lack of them shows insensitivity.  I went to get my daughter ready for church and we got into the car as hubby drove down to Church.  I sang along to Don Moen’s I am the God that healeth thee.

In church, I dropped Yum yum off with the children as we went to sit with the adults in the main hall.  The topic of today’s sermon was forgiveness.  I found it very apt, as I was planning to write an article on forgiveness for the blog.  I listened with rapt attention, not letting any mundane thought distract me from the pastor’s words.

Presently, the service ended and we went home.  I cooked Jollof rice and turkey for my little family and we all ate with gusto.  If we were in Lagos, today would have been the perfect opportunity for us to go visit family.  Unfortunately, there was no family to visit and we had to make do with staring at each other’s faces *lol*.

Later on in the day, I told my husband of my wish to go on a date.  Not today, Dear, he said.  I like to plan my day in advance.  But we can do it next week, okay?  No problem, I replied.  I’m not upset with you. Can we go to Udderlicious Ice cream shop? I’ve been meaning to sample their fresh handmade ice cream. That’s fine by me, hubby responded.  Thanks, Honey! I squealed with joy.  You’re such a darling!


Till next time, folks!


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