My Diary-Day Four

I decided to watch the Super sports with my husband.  I strongly believe that one should take a lively interest in the hobbies and interests of one’s significant other.  It helps bring one closer to the partner.  I smiled in amusement as he yelled at the screen.

“No, Fabregas! Can’t you see that he’s coming for the ball?  Oh, no!  What a dumb mistake!”

“Take it easy naa… it’s not like Fabregas can hear you or it’s a live performance.” I said soothingly.

“Yeah,” he replied as he looked at me. I gave him a pat on his hand and told him to tell me what exactly was going on.  I listened with rapt attention as he described what an off side was and why there was a free kick.  Then the game ended and I reached for the remote.

“I want to watch my Telemundo.  Care to watch with me?” I asked.

My diary moment of wondering why Hubby loves football!

“Nah, I’ll pass.  I’m not a fan of romance.  I’ll rather watch Fear Files on Zee world.”

“Horror movies!” I shuddered deliciously. “They give me nightmares.”

“Because you are a scaredy cat. I’m a man, so it takes more than a horror movie to give me nightmares.” He responded.  “Let me check on Yum yum at the neighbour’s.” He got up and left me alone in the sitting room.

I smiled to myself as I watched Salvador Cerinza kiss Isabel in the field.  Lost in thought, I thought of my first date with my husband.  It was at Cold Stone creamery.  I still remember how I licked my ice cream salaciously, sighing with delight.  Mmmm… I think it’s high time my husband and I went on a date to somewhere nice.  Maybe a creamery this time around?  Let him decide.  He’s pretty good at choosing nice places for us to go on dates.  In that, I defer to his wisdom.

I heard shuffling at the door, which brought me back to reality.  The door opened and Yum yum ran into the sitting room.  Mummy! She cried.  My beautiful daughter, how was your play date?  It was fine.  I arranged bricks and sang along to Barney and Friends.  Did you now? I asked with a smile on my face. Yes! She replied.

My husband stood aside, watching the exchange between mother and daughter with a smile on his face.

“I need to make a family video and upload on Snapchat,” he said.

“I think so too. All of us, looking beautiful!”

Till next time, folks!


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