My Diary-Day Three

Wow… today is a Saturday.  Spring cleaning here we come! I woke up at six a.m, said a short prayer and got up from the bed to check on my daughter.  As usual, she was wide awake, chattering to her stuffed toys in her bed.  I smiled as I stood in the doorway, looking at my daughter with love in my eyes. I went up to her and gave her a big hug and a kiss on her forehead.

My baby was in a blue fashion stage.  Even at her tender age, she was particular about the colours of her clothes and room. Her bed sheet was blue and the walls of her room were painted a light blue colour, fading to white as it got to the ceiling.  She was dressed in a blue Mickey Mouse pyjamas and her teddy bear was dark blue.  Didn’t I tell y’all she loved blue?  That’s right, I just did.

“So what did my Baby dream of last night?” I asked her.

“I dreamed of Tweety and Sylvester!” she laughed.

“What did Tweety do this time around?” I teased her gently.

“Uh…” She scratched her dainty head, trying to remember what her favourite cartoon character did in her dream.

“Never mind, Dear. Come, let’s have a shower.”

After bathing my baby and dressing her in a Thinking SpongeBob tee shirt and jeans trousers, I went in search of my husband.  He was in the study, typing furiously on his computer. I sneaked up behind him and nuzzled his neck.  He turned around and a smile lit up his features upon seeing me. What are you typing Dear? I asked.  I’m typing a business proposal for a client.  You know I want to be self-employed, right?  Right, I responded.  I decided to check up on you as I awoke and didn’t see you.

My diary moment of Hubby making me grin!

I vacuumed the rug in the sitting room, did some laundry, cooked some food for the weekend (don’t ask me what I cooked, you ain’t eating it!) and relaxed in front of the television set in the parlour. Presently, my husband emerged from the study and joined me on the couch.  I turned and gave him a smile. He held my hand for a moment, before picking up the remote to change the channel to Super Sports.

“Men and sports!” I groaned.

“Women and Telemundo!” he replied as he snuggled deeper into the couch, enjoying his football game.

Till next time, folks!


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