My Diary-Day 2


I served the Irish potatoes with ketchup and chicken for dinner. Hubby et Moi sat at the dining table and dug into the food with gusto after saying the Grace.

“Honey, the food sure tastes good!”

“Thanks Dear,” I replied, beaming unabashedly. I looked at him as he ate.

“How was your day at work today?”

“It went great. I was able to finish everything I set out to accomplish.  I even got positive reviews from my boss.”

“Wow, that’s wonderful!” I exclaimed. “I’m so happy for you.”

After eating, I cleared the table, washed up and went to join my husband in the bedroom.  He was stretched out on the bed, listening to his favourite music via his Dre beats.

“Shift na!” I cried. “Where am I supposed to lie down?”

“Sorry Dear,” he said as he moved to make space for me. I lay down and rested my head on his chest. This made him turn and look at me with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

“Darn it, I just remembered!” I exclaimed.

My diary moment of Hubby and I at the dining table. Why does he eat so much?

“Remembered what Dear?” Hubby asked with concern in his voice.

“I remembered I’m to write an article for my blog and write a report for my boss next week. I’d better start now.” I  got up and went to the table where my laptop was.  I began to type furiously a new article for Everywoman web series. I logged on to the blog and replied the comments.  Ah, very good.  The blog is taking shape nicely. I went to bed.  My husband was already sleeping soundly.  I turned off the bedside lamp, got on my knees and said a short prayer to Baba God, thanking him for all He has done for me and my family. I fell into a fitful slumber.

I dreamed that I saw myself as a very young girl back in Lagos. Mumsy was nagging me to come inside and wash up before eating my dinner.  I chuckled to myself in my sleep.

“Did you say something Honey?” I heard my husband ask.

“No, go back to sleep jor!” I replied.

Till next time, folks!


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