Hello y’all! I trust you all had a wonderful time.  I promised you that I was going to regale you with some random musings.  This one is yet another letter to my alter ego.

Dear Miss Brown, how are you? I hope you are good.  How is your writing coming up? Nicely, I hope.

I look into the mirror on the wall of my bedroom, thinking about all what I’ve experienced so far.  Man, intense they are, I tell you.

Miss Brown!  I am aware that many people over the year have sought to make you feel shame over the years.  Shame about not being classy enough, shame about not being slim enough, shame about not being rich enough, shame about not being competent enough, etc.  You need to know the definition of shame before you decide if you are supposed to feel it or not.

Shame is an uncomfortable feeling you get when you do something wrong.  Consider: are you doing anything morally wrong, are you harming anyone by not being classy enough, not being slim enough, not being rich enough and all the things you have ever felt shame about?  If the answer is no, then there is no need for you to feel any form of shame, however strongly people around you seek to make you feel it.

My alter ego writes me a letter on misplaced feelings of shame.

Shame goes hand-in-hand with low self-worth, and if you feel uncomfortable at a very deep level, you are bound to see yourself ass not being good enough, not being lovable enough and have limiting beliefs about yourself that are bound to lower your opinion of yourself.  Not good, I tell you.

Is shame a bad emotion? You may ask.  Not necessarily, it depends on how you look at it.  The ability to feel shame is what keeps us within the bounds of socially appropriate behavior.  Imagine if you, Miss Brown had no shame, you’d fight with the bus conductor at the drop of a hat.  Psychopaths are unable to feel either uilt or shame and this inability makes them able to so cruelly hurt their victims both physically and psychologically.  It goes to show you that shame in itself is not a bad emotion so long as it keeps you within the bounds of what is proper and improper.

To sum up my short letter, I will tell you My Dear that shame that doesn’t diminish your self-worth is not bad at all.

Need I say more, Miss Brown?


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