My Diary-Day 1

I went to work today.  There was a lot for me to do, as usual.  I had to upload pictures on my Instagram page, attend to customers, contact my husband and basically keep up a show of being busy.  There was a wedding coming up on Saturday and I was to go. All of this made me think back to my own wedding a few years ago.

“Dear, how do I look?” I remember myself asking my sister that day.

“You look amazing! I’m sure that you will wow the invited guests and the groom when you arrive,” she replied.

I hardly heard the wedding march that day, so eager was I to get married to the love of my life! I repeated my wedding vows after the priest, who then pronounced me married!

Fast forward to the reception.  The chairman of the occasion had some really moving words of advice to give me and my  husband that day. I still remember what he had to say.

“Mr and Mrs Nkanu, today marks the very beginning of your life together! Previously, you were in friendship but now, you are starting your life together.  To the bride, I exhort you to be humble, always see your husband as the man of the house, instead of a man with whom you compete.  To the groom, always see your wife as your best friend and confidante.”

Weddings infuse me with excitement. Diary moments!


The Emcee invited us to do an Indian dance with each other.  I was so shy that I stood on one spot, deaf to the cheering on of the audience. Coaxed by my husband, I began to dance towards him. The crowd clapped and cheered as I finally embraced him.

All these went on in my mind as I planned the wedding for my friend.  The colour of the day was leaf green and gold, two of my favourite colours.  Hmmm… I had a lovely time decorating the place with these colours.  I also had a nice time selecting the flowers at the florist’s: zinnia, red ginger and roses.

Weddings are my thing. Ah, kilode! I’m a Naija babe at heart, after all, so why won’t I like weddings? I love them with a passion: attending them, planning them for my friends and basically the whole nine yards.  Weddings symbolize the love a man and a woman share for each other and as I’m a romantic at heart, I am a fan of weddings.

I hope I didn’t bore y’all with my ramblings about my passion and my own wedding? If I did, pele! I’ve got to check on my daughter, my dear readers. Till next time, stay blessed folks!


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