Welcome! Here’s What You Need To Know About Me.

Oge Igboegbunam

Hey you!  Yeah, the person reading this page!

I trust you were looking for a different slant on self-help when you stumbled across my blog, right?

I’m happy to not disappoint you.  The articles on this blog are well-written, psychology-based and anyone will find them useful.

Whether you have a Doctorate in psychology or you’re just a layman who knows no other thing about psychology than the name Sigmund Freud, I assure you’ve come to the right place.

Yeah, it’s a people skills blog all right, but I took a different approach.  An approach of Empowered Vulnerability in which I courageously write from my personal experiences and how I’ve successfully handled the challenges addressed in each of the blog posts.

No theorizing here, Dear.

Disclaimer: The suggestions in the blog posts do not constitute professional advice. They are borne out of my personal experiences. Please speak with a licensed mental health professional before implementing any of the tips in the articles. HaileyBrownSite will not be held liable for any loss or injury arising as a result of using the suggestions given in this blog.

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